Skai Jackson


Antwon has been a major fan of Skai Jackson since he saw her on B’unkd and Jessie. Skai Jackson was the first celebrity that Antwon photographed, and her shoot was the first time he ever felt nervous about doing a photo shoot. She was 15 years old when he photographed her and she is one of the most stylish young women in her profession.


The vision Antwon had for this shoot was to reproduce Skai’s true beauty and essence in these images. Antwon had his wife Marcia create multiple looks for this project to ensure we had the best take.

Inspiration Palette


Marcia and I flew to LA for the shoot, and Marica was able to design, sew, and style Skai for this shoot. I rented an Airbnb to give an appeal of grandeur to match the designs of the clothes.

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